Not confused

Today’s Quote: “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” — Albert Einstein

I did a bit of television viewing Saturday evening. I just happened to catch the Elton John thing on BBC America. I think it was called “An Audience with Elton John” or something like that. Most of those in the audience were friends or celebrities. Between songs, he answered questions. It was interesting but I really didn’t want to know where he uses a depilatory cream. I could have been quite happy the rest of my life not knowing that bit of information.

I stayed up late to watch South Park because I heard it was a good episode. It dealt with Butters thinking he was bi-curious and Cartman trying to prove he wasn’t gay. It was great the way Cartman basically screwed himself. I liked they way they handled Butters’ supposed bisexuality. The camp was disturbing but essential to the plot. I especially liked Butters’ soliloquy at the end.

Your Song by Elton John
Album: Elton John (1970)


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  1. Never any confusion, just a dark path illuminated by sparks of passing pleasure, seduction by the Dark Side, decadent self-destruction with collateral damage. Vulnerability, self-doubt, insecurity but never confusion.


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