My Expectations May Not Be Low Enough

Today’s Quote: “…people are willing to eat more shit when they have low expectations.” — DreadFree
Maybe that’s my problem, my expectations just aren’t low enough.

In the aforementioned blog, the author presents a parable to illustrate why he believes “arranged” marriages often outlast those which are the result of personal choice. His reasoning is that because the couple in the arranged marriage have lower expectations than a couple who meets, falls in love, and gets married. And since they’re not expecting as much from the marriage, they’re willing to accept more crap and are less likely to be disappointed with their partner. It’s certainly an interesting concept.

In Eating Shit, I took this idea a step further and applied it to life in general, particularly the institutions we depend upon to support our livelihoods and our way of life. We demand much from these institutions and every day we seem to demand more. At the same time, the media, along with our collective experiences with these same institutions, have conditioned us to expect less from them. Therefore, when they don’t (or can’t ) deliver, we grumble a bit but we’re not really all that disappointed because we really didn’t expect them to deliver anyway. We graciously accept the turd sandwich they offer, thank them for the privilege of being shat upon, apologize for having bothered them, and go on with our lives.

Sometimes, despite our higher expectations, we must still eat the turd sandwich, loathing its taste while we wash it down with the beer of disappointment and frustration. Some of us just can’t seem to acquire a taste for turds.

GYYYO!.jpgLove in Vain by Robert Johnson
Albums: Let it Bleed (1969), Gety Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! (1970)
This song was covered in by The Rolling Stones in 1969 on their Let It Bleed album. My favorite Stones’ rendition was on their 1970 live album, ‘Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out!’ The Rolling Stones in Concert, recorded on tour in 1969. This album is one of my favorite albums of all time and, in my humble opinion, the only live Rolling Stones album you need to own.


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