Eating Shit

“…people are willing to eat more shit when they have low expectations.” ~ DreadFree, Khabalina, Nothing to Dread, 17 March 2007

Maybe that’s my problem, my expectations just aren’t low enough. DreadFree was referring to arranged marriages and why he thought they tended to last longer than those that come out of personal choice but I think that part of his statement applies to nearly everything in life — marriage, politics, government, education, religion, jobs, entertainment, shopping, dating, friends, whatever.

I guess I expect more from life as well as the institutions and the people who affect my life. That’s why I’m so often disappointed, frustrated, or just plain pissed off. I never considered my expectations to be all that high. I expect competence, intelligence, common sense, maturity, and tolerance. Apparently, I expect too much in a society that expects so much less and is so willing to accept less. I suppose I could lower my expectations and enjoy my shit sandwiches like everyone else but I still wouldn’t be happy.

Perhaps, as a society, we expect everything to be handed to us, we expect everything to be disposable, and we expect others to think for us and take responsibility for what we ought to be responsible for ourselves. We demand much but we’ve been conditioned to expect less. And because everything is “arranged” for us by our governments, our schools, our churches, and our media, we have low expectations and, subsequently, we’re willing to eat more shit and even develop a liking for it.


DreadFree said…

I can’t explain it, but reading this just made my day.

March 18, 2007 6:26 PM


Author: Rick

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