Thinking about changing my underwear

Today’s Quote: “I am comfortable being naked.” — Jennifer Aniston
(And I am comfortable seeing Jennifer Anniston naked.)

I’m thinking about changing my style of underwear. I’ve worn and experimented with many styles of underwear but now I’m thinking about going back to a style I loathed for six weeks of my life. I did a whole essay about it in my secret, not quite as public blog. It could eventually end up on My Secret Public Blog.

[Edit – 19 Mar 10] Never did change my style of underwear. Most of the year I go commando and in cooler weather, it’s boxer briefs. Occasionally, a low-rise brief under certain shorts for yoga. For the most part, I find underwear to be unnecessary and superfluous.

[Edit – 24 Aug 12] Underwear update. Commando whenever possible. As the most interesting man in the world would say, “I don’t always wear underwear but when I do, I prefer plain white boxers.” In those cases where underwear becomes a necessity, I chose the most comfortable option that serves the purpose. TMI? Get over it.


(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones
Album: Out Of Our Heads (1965)
Interestingly, this song is not on the British release of this album.


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