Didn’t laugh

Today’s Quote: “…Nowhere, he thought with satisfaction, could there be a group of young ladies that wasted less time upon frivol and froth. No fluffy-duff primping, no feather, no fuss. They were simply themselves and chose not to disguise it.” — Dr. Seuss, The Seven Lady Godivas (Random House, 1939.)

I did watch this week’s episode of The Naked Trucker and T-Bones Show on Comedy Central in its entirety. I didn’t laugh during the entire show, not once, not even a chuckle. The Naked Trucker is a good straight man. He seems personable and the kind of guy I might hang out with. But the T-Bones character comes off as a total asshole.

Methinks this will be another wasted weekend, the kind that is destined for oblivion as it occurs. Then again, it could just be the depression talking. Lately, it’s been talking to me a lot more than the IVOR. I need a vacation. Not that I’d go anywhere. (Like I could go anywhere.)


If I Laugh by Cat Stevens
Album: Teaser And The Firecat (1971)


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