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Today’s Quote: “I LIKE THE NAKED BODY. It’s beautiful. I think the more we try to cover ourselves, the more we lose an essence of ourselves.” — Rinko Kikuchi

Because nothing suggests sex like a baby eating
The photo Myspace considers “sexually suggestive”

MySpace has removed this photo of a breastfeeding baby three times and threatened to cancel the mother’s account because it violates their policy on “nudity” and “sexually suggestive” images. (Yet they don’t have a problem with pictures of strippers.) I’d display the photo here but I know how squeamish the folks at LiveJournal are when it comes to breastfeeding. [Edit – Since this is now posted in my own blog, I posted the “sexually suggestive” photo.]

About Nudists
A not so interesting blog entry describing a typical day for a couple at a nudist resort.

Other news…
A Maryland Republican lawmaker is seeking a ban on giant plastic gonads which dangle from truck trailer hitches.

Kentucky is looking to outlaw all nudity that might be seen by a minor. This would include private homes, locker rooms, anywhere a child might possibly see a naked person.

Specifically, House Bill 438 would remove a key existing phrase from the state’s existing first-degree indecent exposure law. Section 510.148, as it presently exists in the Kentucky Revised Statutes, declares that an individual commits the offense of exposure only when it takes place “under circumstances in which he knows or should know that his conduct is likely to cause affront or alarm.”

HB 438 would altogether remove that qualifying phrase, criminalizing ANY intentional adult nudity when a minor is present. No circumstance would be protected. Additionally, HB 438 adds that the very fact of the nudity itself would constitute evidence of intent to commit a criminal act.

Obviously threatened is any form of family-friendly naturist activity in which adults are nude in the presence of children – even their own children, and even in their own homes!

Also at risk are adults, naturists or not, who find themselves in the presence of someone under 18 while they are …

in the locker room at a gym or spa,
in the changing room at a public (or private) swimming pool,
using a urinal in a public restroom.
at home

If House Bill 438 is passed into law, Kentucky law enforcement, prosecutors and courts will be left with no way to recognize or distinguish benign exposure.

Also out of Kentucky: Bill Would Ban Full Nudity At Clubs

The Senate approved a bill yesterday that would ban full nudity and semi-nude lap dancing at strip clubs. Senate Bill 95, sponsored by Sen. Julie Denton, R-Louisville, would define nudity and semi-nude lap dancing in an adult establishment as sexual misconduct, a Class A misdemeanor. It would allow employees of adult businesses to be in a “semi-nude” state only if they remain 6 feet away from patrons and on a stage at least 18 inches above the ground. Denton has said the bill is designed to protect women and reduce sexually transmitted diseases. Without debate, the Senate voted 36-1 to send the bill to the House. The only no vote was cast by Sen. Ernesto Scorsone, D-Lexington.

I didn’t realize there were any STDs that could be passed from 6 feet away.

Texas is also attempting to outlaw all nudity.

The threat to naturists from House Bill 1466 is simple, obvious and outrageous. To the customary list of sexually oriented business definitions, HB 1466 adds “any other commercial enterprise … whose employees or customers appear in a state of nudity.”

The definition would not only apply to naturist and nudist parks, it would have to include gyms, spas and pools with changing rooms.

Don’t state legislatures have more important things, like budget deficits to worry about?

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