Back in the freezer?

Today’s Quote: “Girls are always running through my mind. They don’t dare walk.” — Andy Gibb

Hey, what happened to the temperatures in the 40s and 50s they were predicting a few days ago? While it’s not quite the deep freeze we were in, it’s still freakin’ cold out there! When is it going to be warm enough to frolic in the backyard naked?

A Friday night at the Golden Corral is always an interesting anthropological study, even more so when there’s a church bus parked out front. But anthropological interests aside, there was just too much humanity packed inside for my comfort. I prefer humanity in smaller herds where they can easily be controlled with a cattle prod. Yet I find the redneck subculture as fascinating as I find it terrifying.

I happened to hear on the news this morning that some judge rule that the remains of A.N.S. would be turned over the guardian of her kid and she’d be buried in the Bahamas. I guess her mother is going to fight it be cause she wants her buried in Texas. Again, why should the wishes of the deceased prevail? She’s dead; she can’t complain. If all else fails, there’s the Solomon option I mentioned yesterday. Personally, I hope Anna Nicole haunts everyone involved.

Given an option, I’d rather visit a grave in the Bahamas than one in Texas. Come to think of it, given a choice, I’d rather be buried in the Bahamas than in Texas.

Bonnie_Tyler-Faster_than_the_Speed_of_NightTotal Eclipse Of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler
Album: Faster Than The Speed Of Night (1983)


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