Tired and Hungry

Asylum Street Spankers – High As You Can Be

Today’s Quote: “I need to rinse my mind.” — The Naked Trucker

Oh, I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing it.
I totally missed The Naked Trucker and T-Bones Show on Comedy Central last night. Given that last week’s episode failed to keep my interest (fell asleep), I’m guessing I didn’t miss much. Come to think of it, I fell asleep watching Mythbusters yesterday evening and that’s a show I really enjoy. Well, I have been feeling tired in the evenings lately. In fact, I began feeling tired yesterday right after lunch. Lately, I’m always feeling tired and hungry. What’s up with that?

Double Secret Probation
The Wendy’s on Archer Drive in Troy is dangerously close to being put on double secret probation. My hunger got the best of me this afternoon (forgot my packed lunch again) so I stopped in to get the cheapest combo meal on the menu. They slipped the up sizing past me, which only gets me a few more fries and a bigger soft drink. However, they did not ask me what I wanted to drink. Instead, they assumed I wanted Coke. Wrong! I left the untouched Coke on the table with a comment card when I left. Lately I’ve been less than satisfied with the service and food quality I’ve been getting at Wendy’s in general. The entire chain is on the verge of being placed on double secret probation. That’s a shame because it’s just about the only burger chain I find tolerable.

Let’s bury Anna Nicole Smith already, both the body and the news coverage. The hype and publicity surrounding the whole thing stinks more than her corpse. I hear she has a burial plot in the Bahamas. Why not bury her there? That’s the whole point in buying a burial plot, right? As an alternative I suggest the Solomon option — cremate her and divide the ashes equally among the concerned parties. Hell, why should the wishes of the deceased have any bearing on it? In this country there is no respect for the dead and not much for the living either.


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