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Today’s Quote: “Some days it’s just not worth chewing through the restraints.” — Unknown

Thanks, Adam for the link to the Penguin Nude Beach comic. That was great! It would appear that among penguins being a textile is not the norm and is even discouraged.

Please kill me off, begs Harry Potter star
I’m looking forward to the release of the 7th book although I haven’t pre-ordered like I usually do. I’ll take my chances, I guess. If I pre-ordered the book, I’d be taking a chance on whether or not the funds would be available.

The state and federal taxes have been filed. I’m getting a very modest refund from Uncle Sam but I owe $17 to our funny Uncle Bob in Columbus. I don’t mean funny as in he’s a great comedian or a lot of fun at parties (although I’m sure the Republican Party loves him) but the other kind of funny uncle.

I’m trying to figure out where the “overpayment” from my 2005 city taxes came from and where this alleged credit is supposed to be entered. I’ve reviewed my ’05 city tax forms, paperwork, and calculations and don’t know where they got the overpayment. My preliminary calculations of our ’06 city taxes shows that I owe the ass mongering city tax division about four bucks while she overpaid about $50. Why can’t they take my 4 bucks out of her refund? I know it says right in the instructions that the local tax ordinance does not allow for joint returns. Okay, why don’t they change it then? They’d change a city ordinance in a heartbeat to keep a strip club from opening. They are such ass mongering idiots.

Technically, an ass monger is one who peddles or deals in ass as a commodity. Are we using the term correctly? I’m not sure although it would be reasonable to say being called an ass monger is probably not a compliment.

EndlesswireIt’s Not Enough by The Who
Album: Endless Wire (2006)


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