Is it spring yet?

The Black Crowes – She Talks to Angels

Today’s Quote: “From middle age on, everything of interest is either illegal, immoral or fattening.” — American Proverb

I don’t know if I’m mentioned this before but I hate snow as much as anyone can hate anything. I got ambitious late this morning and cleared my driveway from the house to the street. There wasn’t much snow but there was about three inches of packed snow and ice from the freezing rain we had the other day. I’ve got this blade thing to break up the ice and get underneath it. I don’t know what you call it but it looks kind of like a hoe except that the blade part extends straight out from the handle. A very handy tool to have. While a snowblower would be nice to have, it’s not much good for clearing the frozen stuff.

Oh, by the way, when you come into my driveway make the turn slow and wide so you get into the center of the driveway. I’m sure the snowbanks on either side will stop you in your tracks.

I may have missed most of my lunchtime workouts this week but I think I’ve made up for them with all the snow removal I’ve done over the past week or so. I’ve still got to clear the part next to the house and the sidewalks. I’ve had enough snow for this season. I hope that rodent in Pennsylvania was correct in his forecast. I am most definitely ready for spring.

Would everyone please get over Daniel Radcliffe performing nude in Equus already? Why can’t everyone just separate fantasy from reality and admit that Daniel Radcliffe is not Harry Potter. Three more H.P. movies and he’d be out of a job anyway. He’s entitled to do more challenging and serious roles. Hell, I wished my body had looked that good when I was 17. I wish my body looked that good now. He obviously works out.

BlackCrowesShakeYourMoneymakerShe Talks to Angels by The Black Crowes
Album: Shake Your Money Maker (1990)


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