Naked Trucker & T-Bones Review

Traffic – Feelin’ Alright

Today’s Quote: “Democracy? I would not call the process under way in our country democracy.” — Vladimir I. Fyodorov, a Communist Party leader in St. Petersburg, on restrictions faced by opposition parties in Russia. [The same could be said for another democratic country I’ve heard of.]

The Naked Trucker & T-Bones Show
I watched it last night. Well, I started to. I thought the Naked Trucker was alright but the jury is still out on the T-Bones character. Apparently, the show wasn’t that great as I fell asleep watching it. That’s not a positive statement about the show, is it?

In other news, it’s still cold enough to test your frosticles.

TrafficFeelin’ Alright by Traffic. Album: Traffic (1968)
Written by Dave Mason. Covered by Three Dog Night and Joe Cocker.


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