The Sarah Silverman Program

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Review: The Sarah Silverman Program
I attribute it to morbid curiosity but I watched the premier episode of The Sarah Silverman Program last night and I was very disappointed although I probably shouldn’t have set my expectations so high. I’d seen her on a couple of Comedy Central specials and had enjoyed her performance (especially her rendition of Amazing Grace) so I had high hopes for her show, thinking that it might not be a Comedy Central tanker. The beginning of the show was sort of interesting as it set up the premise for the show — her reasonably normal sister and the ubergeek gay couple next door. I couldn’t figure out if her character was spacey, mildly retarded, or totally “dee dee dee.”

The show had potential but it was never realized. Like others in the Comedy Central stable of otherwise unemployable comics, she was remarkably unfunny, depending almost totally on sex jokes and potty humor in a futile effort to save a quickly sinking ship. You can be sure something else will be occupying my time at 10:30 on Thursday night.

You’d think an outfit calling themselves Comedy Central would understand humor and comedy. Either they’re catering to the hoi polloi (lowest common denominator) or it’s so out there, it goes over everyone’s head. They rarely find the middle ground where real humor exists.


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