Pie is Irrational

Styx – Babe

Today’s Quote: “I have never met a rational person, present company included.” — unknown

A covered dish and not much else
I don’t put much stock in astrology but this horoscope was interesting. Who would I invite to such an affair anyway?

Regarding these commercials promising miraculous hair regrowth, why is shaving your head so cool but natural baldness is such a dilemma? If you’re going bald, find a way to make it work for you! Geesh, men are such prima donnas.

On television why are men in commercials, cartoons, and sitcoms, particularly husbands and fathers, portrayed as clueless idiots? Single men, on the other hand are usually shown as suave, intelligent, and sophisticated. When I was growing up fathers were portrayed as knowledgeable, mature, and wise. Ward Cleaver was no fool. Neither was Fred MacMurray in My Three Sons. Ozzie Nelson and Cliff Huxtable weren’t idiots. Darren Stevens on Bewitched (both of them) was kind of clueless; maybe that started the trend. What kind of message is the media sending to young boys – that when they grow up, get married, and have families, they’ll suddenly become stupid? Then again, maybe television is a reflection of the real world. It’s certainly not my reality. “I reject your reality and substitute my own!” — Adam Savage, Mythbusters

The bare facts about naked telecommuting
Computer World interview with the owner of a clothing optional resort.

Osbournes Chucked Off Nudist Beach
Sharon and Kelly Osbourne were thrown off a nudist beach on a Spanish vacation – because they wouldn’t strip. The pair were stunned to be asked to leave the stretch of sand on the island of Mallorca. Kelly explains, “I went to Mallorca with my mum and we were on a beach and asked to move because we wouldn’t go topless. It was my worst holiday.”

Kelly’s explanation sounds like a third grade “What I did on my summer vacation” report. The whole point of going to a nude beach is to get naked. Chances are, if they had gotten naked, no one would have noticed who they were. I also have to wonder how big the entourage was and whether or not it was a private beach. Is this the same Kelly Osbourne who said she’d bare it all for Playboy?

Styx-CornerstoneBabe by Styx, Cornerstone (1979)


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