Caught In The Undertow Of A Shit Tsunami

The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again

Today’s Quote: “Fear wraps our bodies in clothing, love allows us to stand naked” — Neale Donald Walsch

With the obvious exception of cheerful, fluffy, happy thoughts, what haven’t I felt today? Let’s see, there’s anticipation, disappointment, guilt, frustration, anger, depression, bitterness, resentment, stress, and despair. Did I forget any? I think I pretty covered everything. Not that I had a bad day or anything like that. Why would you think that? So far, 2007 isn’t exactly off to a good start, unless it’s starting me off on an entirely new circle of Hell. I’m sure I’ve been through more circles of Hell than Dante envisioned and I’m nowhere near the chocolaty center. I suspect he had to cut back on the circles in order to get the book published.

WhosnextWon’t Get Fooled Again by The Who, Who’s Next (1971)
It’s a damned good pissed off song. It’s one of the greatest rock albums ever recorded.


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