Blassed are those…who play with their balls

John Lennon — God

Today’s Quote: “To be sure an European woman would blush to her fingers’ ends at the very idea of appearing publicly stark naked; but education and prejudice are everything, since it is an axiom, that where there is no feeling of self-reproach, there can assuredly be no shame.” — Captain J. G. Stedman (1744-97), British soldier, author, artist. Narrative of a Five Years’ Expedition Against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam, ch. 15 (1796; repr. 1971), referring to the Indians of Surinam.

From Arrrrrrr! Ho, ho, ho, and a bottle of Jack:

We must all bow down and pay homage to the deities of our age — the recording artists, movie stars, professional athletes, and all who can claim the exalted status of celebrity. We must not deny them one red cent of the tribute they are due. Lord help us if we did not have them to entertain us or we were not allowed the privilege of paying them handsomely to do so. To purloin their great works is blasphemy and punishable by litigation. Those who do not pay tribute are heretics and must pay for their sins with their money and their souls. Sacred are those who entertain us. Blessed are those who take up the sacred and anointed duty of singing, acting, and playing with their balls for our amusement. If only I were a god. Amen.

Thank God I still have my sarcasm, for in sarcasm there is truth. Oh, the emphasis was added at no extra charge.

Since yesterday was Penultimate Day, I decided to look back at my LJ entries from last December. Reading them was quite interesting and entertaining.

I shan’t be able to watch anyone play with their balls tomorrow since my satellite TV crapped out today. I called tech support and we went through several exercises in futility that I knew wouldn’t work from the start. They’ll be out Wednesday to fix it. ‘Tis a wonderful technology, satellite television; it’s wholly at the mercy of the weather. If it weren’t for the Filipino channels, I’d go back to cable in a heartbeat. Why can’t cable have international channels?

I have not yet made any resolutions.

JLPOBGod by John Lennon, John Lennon: Plastic Ono Band (1970)
Lennon wrote this about the worship of false idols. He felt organized religion did more harm than good.


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  1. Re: God

    John was absolutely right. Organized religion has done more harm than good. I’m so glad I gave up the assumption that I needed religion.

    Temple of the Agnostic Savior — Not a religion, not organized, and clothing-optional


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