Clothing Optional Job Pedaling In The Dark

The Doors – Soul Kitchen

Today’s Quote: “One could do deep-ocean research for SpongeBob SquarePants. That doesn’t make it science.” — Idaho State University professor Douglas P. Wells posits some new fields of study for Sasquatchologist D. Jeffrey Meldrum

I was thinking this morning, as I reluctantly got dressed for work, that it would be nice to have a clothing optional job. Such a job would have one obvious drawback — what do you do for Casual Friday? But I’d be willing to deal with that. As it is now, Casual Friday is pretty much the same as the rest of the week.

Today I did most of my workout in the dark but not because I wanted it that way. One of the women in the office took a shortcut through the ladies’ room and the exercise room. As she exited the door leading out to the hallway, she turned the lights off. I was going to say something but it was dark and she was out the door before I could utter a word. By this time I was at least 10 minutes into it. I had a good rhythm going and I just didn’t want to interrupt it to turn on the lights. It was actually kind of serene pedaling in the warm, bluish glow of the display panel on the bike. All in all, it was a good workout. The facility isn’t clothing optional. I don’t know if there’s a company policy on it but I’m sure they’d probably disapprove. When are the prudes going to stop running the world?

TheDoorsTheDoorsSoul Kitchen by The Doors, The Doors (1967)
A great song by the Doors. Everyone once in a while they came up with some amazing songs.


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