Just When Do The Man Boobs Start To Disappear?

The Beatles – Get Back

Today’s Quote: “It has been many moons since I have walked with a woman and it vexes me. It is much better than walking by oneself.” — Lothar of the Hill People (Mike Myers)

When I did my lunch time workout today, I noticed a scale in the room so I weighed myself. It said I was 196 pounds and that was with clothes on (shoes, sweatpants, and a T-shirt). Right now I consider anything under 200 pounds as progress. I didn’t expect to lose that much in 10 days. I’ll weigh myself nude on my own scale in the morning since that’s what I’m using as my “official” scale. The scale at the clinic is in the hallway so I don’t think they’d appreciate a nude weigh-in (even with one of those stylish backless gowns).

This week I’ve got to select my benefits for next year. As usual, I plan to opt out of the company health plan since I’m covered by Tricare (the military healthcare system). Of course the company wants me to provide proof of coverage. I have no idea where my health insurance card is since when I do need care, I go to the base hospital, show them my ID card and they take care of me. Health insurance in general is just too mind boggling for me to comprehend. I fail to understand how an accountant is more qualified than my doctor to determine what kind of health care I need.

I went to the Tricare web site to see if I could find any information and, naturally, my nearly hacker-proof password wouldn’t work so I had to have it reset so I could change it back. Their site is organized in a typically military fashion so it was impossible to find any information whatsoever. I finally found an 800 number for Customer Service. It wasn’t the right number but they were kind enough to give me a number and forward me to the “right” people. It turned out they weren’t the right people either. They gave me a number for DEERS, which is the military personnel system. Not even wanting to get into that quagmire, I went to HR and asked the admin what kind of proof I provided last year. It turns out that she’s enrolled in Tricare so she completely understood the situation. She said my military ID would be proof enough. Problem solved.

LetItBeGet Back by The Beatles, Let It Be (1969)
This song, played live on the rooftop, was probably the only part of the Let It Be film that I actually enjoyed. I’ll have to find Let It Be…. Naked and give it a listen. [10/2/17 edit – Let It Be … Naked is very good. I have it in mp3 format.]


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