All Good Things Must Come To An End

Rick James – Super Freak

Today’s Quote: “Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff.” — Mariah Carey

How To Be Funny, Compiled by John Hodgman (New York Times Magazine, 12 Nov 2006)
“Can anyone ever really put into words the subtle art of comedy – the perfectly honed punch line, the exquisite sight gag, the ideal spit take? No. But we persuaded 10 comic wizards to give it their best shots anyway.” It was an interesting article and, for your convenience, I linked to the printer friendly version. Now I’m wondering it’s possible for me to be funny. I ought to give it a try sometime.

Last night I watched a program on the History Channel about sex during the civil war. I found the story of Annie Jones quite interesting. She was an Army groupie. She reportedly had relations with at least half a dozen or so Union generals. I didn’t know that Nashville was the first city in the US to have legalized prostitution. After repeated attempts to ban it or move the women elsewhere (no other city along the Mississippi or Ohio rivers would take them), the military authorities legalized it in order to control it. They required prostitutes to be registered and get regular checkups. Those with venereal disease were placed in a hospital until they were “cured.” The VD rate went from 40% to 4%.

I remember that in the mid-1970s clinics at bases in Korea would conduct weekly VD checks of the local bar girls (they were required to be registered and wear numbered tags) until some irate mother complained to her Congressman that the military was promoting prostitution and they were forced to drop the program. Soon after, the rate of infection among the GIs there jumped astronomically. Gee, I can’t understand how that could have happened.

I probably shouldn’t have said anything about my blood pressure on Friday; it’s been slowly creeping up since then. I suspect the slight rise is due to the prospect of returning to work tomorrow. Although I didn’t accomplish a damned thing, it was a good, relaxing vacation. If I only could have spent it basking in the sun or soaking in a hot tub at a nudist resort. Oh well, we all have our dreams.

RickJames_StreetSongsSuper Freak by Rick James, Street Songs (1981)
The song is about a girl who is very adventurous sexually, especially with members of a band. A “Freak” is slang for someone willing to try various fetishes, thus a “Super Freak” will try just about anything. James was famous for his penchant toward “freakish” behavior, which got him in trouble with the law when he and his girlfriend were arrested for kidnapping another girl for sex. It was released on Motown Records. The Temptations sang backup. This was Rick James’ biggest hit. He didn’t have tremendous success as a solo artist, but was a prolific producer and innovator of Funk. “I’m Rick James, bitch.”


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