How, not why

Billy Joel – Piano Man

Today’s Quote: “The idealists who conceived and pioneered the Web described a kind of enlightened utopia built on mutual understanding, a world in which knowledge is limited only by one’s curiosity. Instead, we have constructed a virtual Wild West, where the masses indulge their darkest vices, pirates of all kinds troll for victims, and the rest of us have come to accept that cyberspace isn’t the kind of place you’d want to raise your kids. The great multinational exchange of ideas and goodwill has devolved into a food fight. And the virtual marketplace is a great place to get robbed. The answers to the great questions of our world may be out there somewhere, but finding them will require you to first wade through an ocean of misinformation, trivia and sludge. We have been sold a bill of goods. We’re paying for it through automatic monthly withdrawals from our PayPal accounts.” — Maclean’s Steve Maich says the Internet sucks

The conclusion of the South Park two-parter brought it all together. The fighting between the atheist groups was a commentary on religion in general. That the wise sea otter was killed because he held a contrary belief (“Maybe God exists because we believe in Him.”) was significant, as was Stan’s statement about creationism being “the answer to how, not the answer to why.”

Drawn Together was better than most of the episodes this season although Captain Hero’s subplot nearly overshadowed Ling-Ling and Toot’s story. Carlos Mencia should be the King of Mexico. Next week is the season finale. I can only hope they’ll end the season with a good show since this season has been rather lame. So when the hell is season two coming out on DVD?

An old cowhand came riding into town on a hot, dry, dusty day. The local sheriff watched from his chair in front of the saloon as the cowboy wearily dismounted and tied his horse to the rail. The cowboy then moved slowly to the back of his horse, lifted its tail, and placed a big kiss where the sun don’t shine. He dropped the horse’s tail, stepped up on the walk and aimed toward the swinging doors of the saloon.
“Hold on there, Mister,” said the sheriff. “Did I just see what I think I saw?”
“Reckon you did, Sheriff. I got me some powerful chapped lips.”
“And that cures them?” the Sheriff asked.
“Nope, but it keeps me from lickin’ ’em.”

BillyJoelPianoManPiano Man by Billy Joel, Piano Man (1973)
The song was inspired by Joel’s experiences playing at The Executive Room, a piano bar in Los Angeles. He worked there for 6 months in 1972 after his first solo album, Cold Spring Harbor, tanked. The characters in the song are based on real people Joel encountered while working at The Executive Room. Joel played under the name Bill Martin, which explains why the patrons in the song call him Bill. Martin is his middle name. The line “Paul is a real estate novelist” is about a real estate broker who was a regular at the bar who always claimed to be working on a book. Joel figured Paul would never finish because he was always in the bar.
Piano Man is my favorite song by Billy Joel. I just love his use of metaphor. I can probably relate to several of the characters in the song.


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