I Only Voted For The Cookies

Alice Cooper – Elected

Today’s Quote: “I do not think about things I don’t think about.” — William Jennings Bryan to Clarence Darrow while testifying as an expert witness on the Bible during the Scopes Monkey Trial in Dayton, Tennessee

Today I exercised one of the few rights the Republinazis haven’t taken away yet. Since I reviewed the candidates and issues yesterday, voting was quick and easy. The most difficult part was inserting the card into the machine. For some reason I couldn’t find the slot. Anyone who knows me can pretty much surmise how I voted so I won’t go into details here. And it’s nobody else’s business anyway. But the cookies were good.

Why do people assume that if I have my Yahoo Messenger running, I’m lonely and need to chat with someone? Some bozo or bimbo (not sure which) popped up yesterday. I took a look at his/her profile, which was blank. I came back and said, “Nice profile.” He/She immediately came back with “Thank you.” Sarcasm is so lost on the masses. Not really wanting to attempt chat with the inherently clueless, I clicked the ignore button.

I saw a show on the National Geographic Channel last night called The Animal Extractors. Where are these people when you have squirrels holding drunken parties in your attic? They had a story about human-bear conflicts in Lake Tahoe, NV. (I don’t think it was about conflicts with bare humans; that would be a different show.) There was also a couple who were “Rattlesnake Removal Experts.” How does one move from the amateur ranks of rattlesnake removers to become an expert? By not getting bit? The show also had a couple of guys in West Palm Beach, FL who used special fishing poles to remove alligators from various bodies of water. What? They don’t jump in water and wrestle them like Steve-O used to do? In Tuscon they had guys who specialized in removing bobcats from trees. (And I thought Mally was vicious.)

When we moved into these animals’ habitats, did we really expect them to read the eviction notice, pack up their things, and move into a condo?

I took Rob to get a new cell phone today and he treated me to lunch at Cadillac Jacks. Good food at good prices. I recommend it for lunch.

I finally took care of that awful noise emanating from my computer. It was, as I had suspected, the front cooling fan. You can hardly spin it with your finger. I took it out and I’m not sure if I’ll replace it. While I had it open, I replaced my old CD burner with a DVD+RW/CDRW drive and added a 1GB Jaz drive. I had to look up some information to make sure I had the SCSI ID set and it was terminated. According to Iomega’s site, it requires a terminator on the cable. Luckily, I had the appropriate SCSI terminator handy. Being a packrat does have its advantages.

AliceCooperBillionDollarBabiesElected by Alice Cooper, Billion Dollar Babies (1973)
This was a kind of persuasion song to elect Cooper as president of the United States, and was his commentary on the elections. He seriously did run for president in 1972 against Richard Nixon.
I should have voted for Alice. As it was, I probably voted for George McGovern. [Edit: I think I actually voted for Nixon. I recall that I turned against the McGovern campaign after they dropped his running mate because he’d had a nervous breakdown years before.]


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  1. Now that I think about it, I probably voted for Nixon in ’72. McGovern was looking good until he dropped Eagleton as his running mate. To me that said something about McGovern’s integrity. 40 years later I see the irony in that. Little did I know at the time that Nixon had no integrity whatsoever.


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