Preparing For The Erection (We Get Shafted)

Rod Stewart – Reason to Believe

Today’s Quote: “One of the students actually sent me mail that said it point blank. He said, ‘The book sucks.’ I was like, well what the hell do you want me to do about it? Take it out and study. Geesh. ‘The book sucks.’ So I say, ‘Well so does your girlfriend but you still take her out, don’t you?’ ” — unknown University of Maryland professor

Today I pointed my browser (Firefox) to the Montgomery County (OH) Board of Elections to get some idea which weasels I’d be voting against and which issues actually made sense. I didn’t say which weasels I’d be voting for. In this election, my concern isn’t so much getting certain weasels elected but keeping particular weasels out of office. So far it looks like a clean sweep; not a single Republinazi will get my vote. It’s possible that a Demofacist may inadvertently get one of my votes. It’s a risk I’m willing to take.

I’m mixed on the State issues. It kind of goes OK, Maybe, No, No, and Yes.

The Learn and Earn proposed amendment has been misrepresented by the television ads supporting it. They give the impression that lottery proceeds would be guaranteed to go toward education. From its actual wording, I learn that it would bring in slot machines at tracks with parimutuel betting and a couple other select locations in Cleveland. The revenues would be distributed as follows: 55% to the slot and casino owners and operators. 30% to the Board of Regents for college scholarships and grants to eligible students and administration of the program. The remaining revenues to be divided among local governments, race tracks for purse money, gambling addiction services, and the administration of the Gaming Integrity Commission comprised of five members appointed by the governor and the majority legislative leaders. The ads said something about keeping this money out of the hands of politicians but, apparently, that’s a lie.

Issue 4 would invalidate many local ordinances already in existence and, in the future, make it impossible to restrict smoking in places where it’s currently legal. Other than that, it wouldn’t change much. Issue 5 settles it once and for all. Yeah, the smokers will whine but it’s not like smoking is a right. I think public health should take precedence over catering to someone’s addiction. I’ve got an idea. If Issue 5 passes, it will still be legal to smoke in a tobacco shop. Let’s let tobacco shops have liquor licenses. Problem solved.

I’m okay with the school renewal levy. There are two other Huber issues but I think they’re only on the ballot in their respective wards. I really don’t care if Ruby Tuesdays serves alcohol on Sunday. Nor do I care if the State Liquor store on Brandt sells booze on Sunday.

EveryPictureTellsaStoryReason To Believe by Rod Stewart, Every Picture Tells A Story (1971)
The song was written by folk singer Tim Hardin, who originally recorded it in 1965. Rod Stewart released it again in 1993 as a live, acoustic version for MTV Unplugged. Appearing on the album Unplugged… and Seated, this is the version that charted. The 1993 Unplugged version was recorded at an MTV special with Ron Wood, who played with Stewart in The Faces. It was the first time they performed it together in 22 years. Stewart commented that his wife at the time, Rachel Hunter, was 1 year-old when it was first released. Stewart’s original version was released as a single with Maggie May as the B-side. Disc Jockeys liked the flip side better and played Maggie May instead, which became the hit.


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2 thoughts on “Preparing For The Erection (We Get Shafted)”

  1. Issue 1 is off the ballot so you don’t have to worry about that one.
    Issue 3 is a definite No Freaking Way. 30 percent of the revenue to go towards grants and scholarships? That’s good, right? Wrong.

    From the full text of the amendment:
    (B) For the first twelve such high school graduating classes, uniform tuition grants, in an amount not to exceed the average undergraduate tuition charged by Ohio public universities, shall be awarded to the top five percent of students at each accredited public and non-public high school who attend any public or independent not-for-profit institution of higher education authorized by the Ohio Board of Regents and that has its principal office within this state. Such tuition grants shall be based solely on academic merit.

    So, with that 30%, only the top 5 percent of each high school graduating class will get money for tuition. At most schools that same top 5 percent would be getting scholarships anyway. Really helpful, isn’t it? Ohio does need some help in this area but this isn’t how it should be done.
    I’m fairly disappointed with the issues again. Issues for the rich and poor but nothing for the middle class again. Screwed and forgotten.
    I’ll be voting somewhat mysteriously with my method.


    1. I like your method. It’s very scientific and logical. I guess it’s at least as good as any other method.
      As they so eloquently illustrated on South Park last year, it always comes down to a choice between a turd sandwich and a giant douche.


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