Beware of the beaver

Gilda LiveGilda Radner – Let’s Talk Dirty to the Animals

Today’s Quote: “Programming is like sex – one mistake and you end up supporting it for a lifetime.” — unknown

Things I’ve seen today that made me go, “Uh, okay.”

  • Gourmet pet food. “Gourmet” food for cats is overindulgent enough. Gourmet hamster, gerbil, rabbit, cockatiel, and parrot food just crosses over into ridiculous.
  • Seen on the back of a teen girl’s T-shirt: “Warning: Beware of the beaver.” Uh, does it bite?
  • Bikini clad female on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. I saw that and thought, “If only my breasts were that nice.”

GildaLiveLet’s Talk Dirty to the Animals by Gilda Radner, Gilda Live, (1979)
This song is the opening number from the movie Gilda Live. If you ever get a chance to see this, please do. It’s very entertaining. She does all of her characters and UD graduate Father Guido Sarducci does his Five Minute University sketch.


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