Review: The Captain Queer-oh Show

Donovan – Season of the Witch

Today’s Quote: “Without discipline, there’s no life at all.” — Katharine Hepburn

Comedy Central really disappointed me last night. I think they could have done more with the evolution theme on South Park. (I did happen to agree with Stan’s comment. I’ll have to watch it again so I’ll know what he said.) The subplot about Cartman being unfrozen 500 years in the future, left me cold. Maybe the second part will bring it all together for me.

Last night’s episode of The Captain Hero Show sucked ass. Captain Hero is a terribly bad caricature of a neurotic queer in denial, going overboard to prove he’s straight. He is more flaming that Xandir. In a word, Captain Hero sucks. The subplots weren’t all that good either. I know they can do better. Feature the other characters more. They’re all more interesting than Captain Queer-oh. Or are the show’s writers actually trying to appeal to the repressed gay man living inside every macho, masculine man? To whom do I need to write to express my disappointment?

DonovanSunshineSupermanSeason Of The Witch by Donovan, Sunshine Superman (1966)
This was inspired by a 1965 British horror movie called The Night Of The Eagle. The song takes its title from the Sea Witch nightclub on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. It was a small club where Donovan used to play. During Led Zeppelin’s soundchecks, they often warmed up by playing this. The song allows for lots of jamming when played live, which makes it a popular cover for many bands. This has only 2 chords and is ideal for long jams. Stephen Stills, Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper did an excellent cover of this song on their Super Sessions album.


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  1. Stan’s comment
    Stan’s comment in this week’s South Park was (and I’m paraphrasing it): “Couldn’t evolution be the answer to how rather than why?”
    Oh, I really didn’t need to see Ms. Garrison being screwed doggy style (again). Once was more than enough.


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