Rocky isn’t sharing

Robert Cray – Smoking Gun

Today’s Quote: “During calculus and physics we have all learned that the time derivative of position is velocity, and the time derivative of velocity is acceleration. Not so well known is that the term for a change in acceleration wrt time is ‘jerk’ and is used in physiology to describe the fluidity of bodily motions. The question then arises, what terms should one use for a change of ‘jerk’? The term ‘inauguration’ has been suggested for this purpose.” — unknown

The network gremlins are up to no good. For some reason I am no longer able to see the shared USB drive via network connections. Well, I can see the drive but only the root. I can’t access the contents of any folders below the root. I don’t have any problems with any other shares, just the external USB drive. I don’t get it. It was working at least a couple of days ago. Nothing has changed. The properties and permissions of the share haven’t changed.


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