Scarlet Letters & Dead Horses

Frank Zappa – Stinkfoot

Today’s Quote: “I was making love to the wife the other night but things just weren’t working out. So, I asked her, ‘You having trouble thinking about someone else too?’ ” — Rodney Dangerfield

Yesterday was a milestone of sorts. We survived our first year of indentured servitude. We only have to make 200 more tribute payments and then we’ll gain our freedom. Of course, we’ll wear the scarlet letter “D” for years to come.

The West Carrollton Wendys will be relieved to know that they are no longer on double secret probation. However, they are still on the watch list, which is standard procedure after being on double secret probation. Service today met expectations but still has a ways to go before it meets my critical standards.

Unknown quotes — I don’t know who said these things but they’re good!

Friday afternoon rush hour is the stupidest time for traffic in the Dayton area. Each additional stupidity factor (rain, snow, sun, full moon, sun spot activity, stock market activity, etc) increases the overall stupidity exponentially. This is a scientific fact. I really need to win the lottery so I never have to commute again.

G.O.P. Moves Fast to Reignite Issue of Gay Marriage
Why do Dubya and the other Republinazis feel they need to lead the crusade to save the institution of marriage from certain destruction? Most people don’t really give a damn and the greatest threats to the institution of heterosexual marriage are married heterosexuals.

I don’t see a need for constitutional amendments to define what is, at its most blessed, a spiritual union and, at its most basic, a non-binding legal contract. I suppose someday soon there will be an issue on the ballot for an amendment to the state constitution to define who can be prom dates.

The Republinazis seem to be overly fond of beating dead horses. Why don’t they spend their time and energy bringing democracy to a country that desperately needs it — the United States of America.


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