Gay Marriage for Weasels

weaselWith Erection Election Day just around the corner, the negative campaign ads have been really cranking up. As near as I can tell, every candidate seems to be a lying weasel. If it hasn’t been proven, they’ve at least been accused. That, sad to say, is the nature of politics. I read somewhere that being a politician is like being a football coach. You have to be smart enough to understand the game but dumb enough to believe it’s important.

Where they stand on the issues is really irrelevant. Nearly every candidate has done some dastardly deed considered to be reprehensible by someone or voted for or against something important to someone. But all that doesn’t matter. In my book they are all lying weasels until proven otherwise. What matters to me is whether he’s an extreme weasel and whether or not he’s in incumbent. I think it’s time to get some different weasels into office and see how they fuck things up. They may not be any better but it’s hard to imagine they’d be any worse.

G.O.P. Moves Fast to Reignite Issue of Gay Marriage

Why do Dubya and the other Republinazis feel they need to lead the crusade to save the sacred institution of heterosexual marriage from certain destruction? I see no logical reason why gay couples should not enjoy the same rights, privileges, and benefits as their straight counterparts. Two men living as man and wife do not threaten my marriage or anyone else’s. Nor does giving them the same rights and benefits I enjoy take away from mine. We do not need constitutional amendments to define what is, at its most blessed, a spiritual union and, at its most basic, a non-binding legal contract. I suppose someday soon there will be an issue on the ballot for an amendment to the state constitution to define who can be prom dates.

If anything, gay couples are probably more committed to the institution of marriage and family values in general than many heterosexual couples. If the institution of marriage is in danger, it’s because heterosexuals in general are not committed to making it work. The greatest threat to any marriage is the two people married to each other.

I’m no expert on constitutional law, but I feel that the purpose of the Constitution is not to place undue restrictions on the citizens but to define and check the powers of the government. And our government’s power desperately needs to be checked.

It appears to me that the Republinazis are overly fond of beating dead horses. Why don’t they spend their time and energy bringing democracy to a country that desperately needs it — the United States of America. Let’s abolish the monarchy in 2008. The divine right to rule concept went out with Louis XVI’s head.


Author: Rick

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