Overpower me, please!

Nazareth – Love Hurts

Today’s Quote: “You have to accept the fact that part of the sizzle of sex comes from the danger of sex. You can be overpowered.” — Camille Paglia

Two new polls with opposite conclusions
One poll out of the UK (aka England) concluded that public nudity is the greatest social taboo… greater than smoking, farting in public, or selling your children into slavery. The other poll, taken in the US, shows that most Americans (at least those polled) don’t have a problem with nude recreation and even support setting aside public land for it. I always thought they were a little strange on the other side of the pond but now, I just don’t know. Maybe they need an invasion to expand the gene pool or something.

Exposure to sunlight could reduce asthma
Australian researchers have found that exposure to measured doses of ultraviolet light, such as sunlight, could reduce asthma.

I was doing some research about the pros and cons of wearing underwear and came across Why wear a bra?. Like wearing underwear, wearing a bra isn’t really necessary; most of the reasons for wearing them are cultural rather than physical or medical. Come to think of it, aside from warmth and protection, most of the reasons we were clothes are… you guessed it, cultural! Well, I , for one, will continue to go braless.



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One thought on “Overpower me, please!”

  1. Five years after the original post my views on underwear remain essentially unchanged. I still consider underwear to be generally useless and superfluous. My preference is to go without whenever possible and practical. I remain bra-less…my man-boobs remain unrestrained.

    Why do we need appliances to support body parts which should, by nature and design, be supported by owr own muscular and skeletal systems. The whole undergarment and foundation industry is a plot to weaken and enslave us.


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