Thank you, Comedy Central, I think

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Today’s Quote: “Education is a state-controlled manufactory of echoes.” — Norman Douglas

Comedy Central has changed their line up. Drawn Together was on tonight, right after South Park. Wasn’t it nice of them to make that change? Now I can watch both on Wednesday night and I don’t have to watch Comedy Central at all on Thursday, meaning I can miss Freak Show without any effort. Thank you, Comedy Central!

South Park review
Lame, totally lame. The Three Stooges parody with Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahlmer, and John Wayne Gacey was the only thing that saved it from totally wasting of 30 minutes of my life (commercials included). As always, Butters was superb! “Aw, what the heck? I’m going to be grounded anyway; I might as well.”

Drawn Together review
I think my worst fears are being realized. It is becoming The Captain Hero Show in a poor Man Show knock-off sort of way. Even the Princess Clara/Waldoor storyline was weak. I hope next week’s show is better but the preview indicates it will be another episode of The Captain Hero Show.

Stephen Colbert: “You said ‘anyone who grew up on a farm knows that evolution exists’. OK, are you saying a monkey can milk a cow?”

Peter Agre: “Well, if I can milk a cow I suspect a monkey as smart as I am can milk a cow.”

SC: “Are there monkeys as smart as you?”

PA: “I’m sure there are quite a few, quite a few.

SC: “Oh really? Mmhum. Do they give a Nobel prize for throwing your own feces?”

PA: “……..That’s the Economics prize, I think.”

Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert interviews Dr. Peter Agre of Scientists and Engineers for America


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