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Today’s Quote: “I am sure no other civilization, not even the Romans, has showed such a vast proportion of ignominious and degraded nudity, and ugly, squalid dirty sex. Because no other civilization has driven sex into the underworld, and nudity to the W.C.” — D. H. Lawrence (1885-1930), British author. Pornography and Obscenity (1930; repr. in Phoenix: The Posthumous Papers of D. H. Lawrence, pt. 3, ed. by E. McDonald, 1936).

I think the patient will survive. I transplanted the unused 40GB drives from FrankenWeb to Rocky and set them up as mirrored (RAID 1) drives. After creating the mirror, the drive came up as “Healthy (At Risk).” That means there were I/O errors on one of the disks. It may be okay for now but there could be problems. Why risk it? I went to Plan B, which was to use the 120 GB drives.. It’s been quite a while since I originally set up the home folders but I finally got the permissions and stuff right on them. I ended up having to create them manually and setting the permissions. Active Directory is supposed to do that for me but I seem to remember I had to do it that way before. But anyway, I have lots of storage space now.

I guess tomorrow I’ll try to see if I can recover anything from the old drive. I kind of have my doubts but I’ll try. I’ll hook up those 40-gig drives and run chkdisk on them. I might still find a use for one of them.

I need to open those servers up more often. There were some huge dust bunnies inside Rocky. It’s been so long since I’ve been inside that computer that I had to look up the manual on Dell’s web site to figure out how to remove the drives. I have it bookmarked now, just in case.


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