Bring out your dead!

Bob Dylan – It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)

Today’s Quote: But even the President of the United States Sometimes must have to stand naked.” — Bob Dylan, It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding), on the album Bringing it all Back Home (1965).

This week’s South Park was just plain wrong and very disturbing on so many levels. In other words, I loved it. Cartman’s “Dawg” parody was great. The way Beth (Dog’s wife) was portrayed was hysterical, boobs so large she couldn’t see over them.

I wasn’t that impressed with last night’s Drawn Together. Maybe it was because last week’s episode was so great. I still get the feeling it’s turning into The Captain Hero Show.

On a sadder note, there was a death yesterday. The data drive on Rocky passed away. It contained the home folders and all of our non-genealogy photos. I’ll be performing a drive-ectormy and I’m hoping I’ll be able to recover the data. When I replace the drive, it will be mirrored. I’m also looking for some kind of practical backup solution, probably in the form on a large external USB drive.

It’s somewhat fortuitous that Best Buy had 120 GB hard drives on sale for $50 each. I got myself two of them. However, I’m going to replace the dead drive in Rocky with the two 40 GB drives that are currently sitting unused in FrankenWeb. I’ll set them up on separate controllers and mirror them. I’m hoping Active Directory will recreate the home folders. I’ll bring the deceased drive into work on Monday to perform an autopsy and see if I can pull any files off of it. My gut feeling is they’re unrecoverable with the technology at hand.

The two 120 GB drives are slated for another project. I’m going to set up a dedicated file server. I’ll need to find a 10-20 GB drive for the OS (Windows 2000 Advanced Server) and it will be a member server on my domain. I’m not planning to have it run any services or anything, just serve up files. I’ll probably migrate most of the files currently residing on Bullwinkle to it and use Bullwinkle’s partitions for special projects (like my porn collection). Actually, that would be a good place to keep backups of my Web sties and genealogy data.

Do you think four servers is enough for any household? What should I name the new file server? It’s got to be a Rocky and Bullwinkle character. (The Linux server was a special case.)


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