I wasn’t doing anything this evening anyway

Billy Joel – You May Be Right

Today’s Quote: Nudists have no fashion sense.” — Peter Kunkel

Muddy Waters interview in a van

I found a really cool blog this morning. SqueezeMyLemon is a blog about the Blues with videos and mp3s. Awesome! You can bet I’ll be going through that blog tonight. Is there a way to save YouTube videos on your local drive? Just in case YouTube goes down the tubes?

Once again, it was a busy day with nothing really accomplished. I don’t normally take work home with me. In fact, I take extreme measures to avoid it if at all possible. But when you’ve got a guy out at a customer’s site and a dead computer, you have to consider making an exception. I swapped out the motherboard on the dining room table. It was a lot easier and quicker than I had anticipated. I only lost one screw for the keyboard and I’m sure I have an extra one in my parts stash. What I can’t figure out is how I ended up with an extra tiny screw with screws for the video stuff. It seems to work okay. I’ll update his anti-virus in the morning and get it out to him.

It probably would have taken me twice as long if I’d done it at work due to constant interruptions. People seem to think that if I’m at my desk and up to my armpits in computers, I’m not busy. Of course not. Let me drop everything while I take care of your silly-assed problem. Everyone knows the people in IT don’t have lives or careers, so it’s okay.


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