I find it all disturbing

Charlie Daniels Band – Uneasy Rider

Today’s Quote: “If elected, I will win.” — Pat Paulsen

Going back to the rectal hiccups cure, I got to wondering about something. The article says digital rectal massage can cure chronic hiccups. What about analog rectal massage? I’m just a little curious, that’s all.

Disney Says It Will Link Marketing to Nutrition
Disney has announced that it would curtail the use of its name and characters with food items that did not meet new nutritional standards. The new guidelines would limit how much sugar, calories and fat could be in snacks and foods marketed by companies that Disney has licensing relationships with. Their licensing contract with McDonalds expires this year, will it be renewed? We’ll see. While the big D is setting standards for food they lend their name to, they’re drawing the line at subjecting advertisers on their networks; they will still allow junk food to be advertised. They know who really pays the bills at the House of Mouse.

Faith-Based Profits -the wall between church and state is being replaced by a platform that raises religious organizations to a higher legal plane than their secular counterparts.

Halloween in Heels – Since when did Halloween costumes become marital aids?

U.S. Firing Plans for Great Lakes Raise Concerns – The latest in the war on terrorism is to heavily arm the Coast Guard cutters on the Great Lakes. So much for the world’s longest undefended border and a nearly 200 year old treaty. We must do all we can to keep those flotillas of crazed Canadian Jihadists out of our waters.

But on the brighter side, a recent Roper Poll On Skinny-Dipping And Nude Sunbathing indicates that close to three-quarters of Americans approve of nude sunbathing on beaches set aside for that purpose. and 54% favor the government designating clothing option areas on public land for nude recreation. I suspect it’s really more along the lines of “We don’t mind people being naked, just not in our neighborhood where we can see them.”


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  1. Did you notice Disney has licensed its namesake and characters to Kroger? Their labels have replaced almost anything that was a Kroger generic. I was wondering why I was seeing those! I’ve been getting the Disney “kool aid” because it was 10 cents a packet (vs 20 cents) though now it’s 15 cents I think.


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