A Cure for Rectal Hiccups?

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Today’s Quote: “Assuming either the Left Wing or the Right Wing gained control of the country, it would probably fly around in circles.” — Pat Paulsen

Poor Mally. She must have snuck out last night when I went over to check the kids’ house. We noticed her missing this afternoon when we came back from grocery shopping because we usually have to shut her in the bathroom to keep her from sneaking out while we bring the groceries in. We looked high and low for her but couldn’t find her anywhere. Later on, we saw her out on the back patio so we let her in. She seems most grateful. She must have been out all night, poor thing. Come to think of it, I didn’t see her in her usual spot on the end of our bed last night or this morning. And here we were, accusing Hooze of doing something terrible to her. (I still wouldn’t put it past her.)

Rectal hiccups cure secures Ig Nobel Prize
I’ll have to remember that hiccup cure. Oh, the article is not about rectal hiccups. Wouldn’t that be flatulence?

What are the most widely practiced religions of the world?
Interesting that some religions I’ve never even heard of are so popular.

What are the scientific reasons for having sex?
It’s more than just the most fun you can have with your clothes off. By golly, it turns out it’s very good for you. By the way, does masturbation count?


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