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Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit

Today’s Quote: “I’ve posed nude for a photographer in the manner of Rodin’s Thinker, but I merely looked constipated.” — George Bernard Shaw

It only cost me two bucks to get my glasses fixed at the optical center in a major retail establishment that attempts to exploit all who enter its never closing doors. It actually would have cost me more to buy the nose pads and put them on myself. Plus there would have been the challenge of putting them on my glasses with my glasses off. It would be like trying to remove your own hemorrhoids with a dull pocket knife.

The Gods Get Nekkid
Fat naked celebrities – ewww! But then again, maybe it shows us they’re human after all. The comments I read mostly dealt with John Travolta’s man boobs but I got the general idea that nudity is okay for the “beautiful” people but only when they’re looking beautiful or at “beautiful” and exotic locations (ie, St. Tropez or the Oscars). When us regular people want to be naked, it’s dirty, sinful, blah blah blah, yada yada yada, ad nauseam.

Naked yoga sounds interesting although some of the postures probably wouldn’t look very pretty. Actually, a lot of the postures aren’t particularly flattering clothed either. To do it nude with other people, I guess you’d have to be really comfortable with your body or a hard core exhibitionist. Maybe alone in a dark room. Sort of like playing naked Twister by yourself?

Prosecutor naked at work
Security cameras see plenty of Hamilton official
He’s been charged with two counts of “pubic indecency.” According to the article, he was alone in the city offices after hours and the only person to “see” him was a security guard monitoring a security camera. Given that the offices were probably dark and we all know how great the resolution of a standard security camera is. They probably know it was him only because he was the only person (other than the security guard) in the building. Is it public indecency because he was in a “public” building?

Diary of a Nudist blog, If a Tree Falls in the Forest…, raises some interesting questions about officials overreacting.

[Edit on 10/11/06 – deleted portions.]


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