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Today’s Quote: “We live in an atmosphere of shame. We are ashamed of everything that is real about us; ashamed of ourselves, of our relatives, of our incomes, of our accents, of our opinions, of our experience, just as we are ashamed of our naked skins.” — George Bernard Shaw, Anglo-Irish playwright, critic. (Tanner, in Man and Superman, act 1.)

Sleeping late and then not getting dressed is a wonderful way to start the week. Actually, that’s a great way to start every day. Unfortunately, the demands of the real world do not allow it. Wouldn’t it be nice if, for once, my astrologer was correct and riches did come my way? Yeah, and monkeys might fly out my ass. I’ve been hearing commercials on the radio for the Ohio Lottery’s Make Me Rich, Make Me Famous game. In all truthfulness, I’d much rather be rich and anonymous. If anyone wants my 15 minutes of fame, they’re welcome to it.

The Natura Christian Fellowship wants to build a nudist community with 150 homes in Belton, South Carolina. Here’s the opinion of one Belton citizen:

“You have to lead by example,” Matthew Hilley said. “We’re supposed to be modest. When people are running around without clothes on, there’s going to be lust and adultery. I’m living a Christian life and trying to be a good Christian. It’s hard enough going out into the community when people wear skimpy clothes.”

MHO follows:
Where do we begin to pick apart his argument?

  1. The nudist community will be a “Christian Fellowship” and there is no contradiction between being a nudist and being a Christian.
  2. There is probably more lust and adultery among “good Christians” who wear clothes all the time than among nudists; at least nudists make the distinction between nudity and sex.
  3. Modesty doesn’t really have anything to do with nudity. You can be immodest and fully dressed.
  4. This is just my humble opinion but being naked and unashamed can bring you closer to God than trying to hide yourself behind your clothing as Adam and Eve did.

Could the underlying problem be that the proposed community will be populated by Quakers rather than Baptists? I really don’t understand why everyone has a problem with Quakers. Is it because they emulate the ideal of Jesus a bit better than the other denominations?

Judge: Images Can Be Called Porn Without Nudity
A federal judge has ruled that nudity isn’t necessary for photographs of scantily clad children to be considered pornographic.

MHO follows:
I believe that “prurient interest” would be the optimal term here and a partially clothed body is often more sexually suggestive than a nude body. This ruling could have far reaching effects in the children’s clothing industry given what I’ve seen of girls’ clothing offered in major department stores. Come on, children are not miniature adults.

As an aside, if the entire line of Bratz dolls and accessories were criminalized I’d probably rest easier just knowing there were criminal penalties for peddling that trash. We really should not be encouraging our daughters and granddaughters to become whores.


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  1. Mr. Hilley’s comment
    Here’s an entry in the Naked Nudism blog on the Belton, SC story. He brings up some good points about Mr. Hilley’s comment.
    Mr. Hilley would have been right at home in Colonial America. “Bathing led to nudity. Nudity led to promiscuity. So believed the colonial lawmakers of Pennsylvania and Virginia. Philadelphia was especially strict in those early years. You could be jailed there bathing more than once a month.” I don’t suppose he bathes very often, lest he succumb to the temptations of the flesh.


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