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Today’s Quote: “Maybe everybody has some desire to be naked, if they have the opportunity.” — Richard Prentice, 69, retired science teacher and member of the Men’s Garden Club of Wethersfield (Connecticut) who posed nude for a fund raising calendar

Would I pose nude for a calendar? Yeah, I probably would, as long as it was tastefully done. (And I wouldn’t complain about a little retouching to make my boobs look smaller.)

Speaking of boobs, I stayed up late last night and watched the uncensored Pamela Anderson roast on Comedy Central’s Secret Stash. Other than a few noticeable exceptions, I wasn’t nearly as offended as I was when I first watched the bleeped version. (Oh, I still found the show offensive.) The notable exceptions were Jeffrey Ross, Lisa Lampanelli, and Andy Dick. Their very existence on this planet offends me. Andy Dick with his head between Tommy Lee’s thighs just isn’t my idea of quality entertainment.

Next Saturday night is the uncensored William Shatner roast. I still haven’t seen the bleeped version of that one. I may watch it out of morbid curiosity but I’m not setting my expectations very high. With a Comedy Central roast, even if you set your expectations low, you’re likely to be disappointed.

I dropped out of a Yahoo nudist forum yesterday because I found it too politically correct, prudish, puritanical, and repressive. Who would have expected that?

In other news, I need a life. Would I know what to do with one if I had one? I’m surprised I have any social skills at all. We went to a birthday party yesterday evening. I have no idea whose birthday it was. The main benefit of attending these parties with her is free food and a rare opportunity to talk to guys in my age group. Usually all we have in common are Filipino wives and the military experience. Where does one go to find a life? Wal-Mart?


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