Sh…it happens

Steam – Na Na Na (Kiss Him Goodbye)

Today’s Quote: “If you get invited to your first orgy, don’t just show up nude. That’s a common mistake. You have to let nudity ‘happen.’” — Jack Handy

And when nudity “happens” there’s no point in getting all upset about it. I’ve never heard of a documented case where someone died, was severely injured, or suffered lasting trauma as the direct result of seeing a naked human being. Nudity happens. Sometimes it’s gratuitous; other times it’s not. Either way, it’s okay to look; God will not strike you blind for looking upon His creation. However, any lust in your heart is another matter entirely and entirely your problem.

Spam maker sees trademark bid canned
Worried about the confusion with its spicy ham, Hormel attempts to register “spam” as a trademark for junk e-mail.
Huh? I can’t see how anyone could confuse the two. I don’t particularly like either of them but they certainly don’t taste the same. I can’t recall ever receiving a canned meat product in my inbox nor have I ever seen unsolicited commercial e-mail on my grocery store shelf. I think I can tell the difference but I’m not representative of the average person. By the way, the article is rather funny.


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