Why Do They Hate Me?

I saw a spot on television yesterday morning about the war on terrorism. Some retired Marine Corps general was talking about how the war against the terrorist is nothing new, about how we’ve been fighting since well before 9/11. In fact, our war against fanatical Islamic extremists goes back to the early 20th century (Fighting Islam’s Fierce Moro Warriors – America s first war with suicidal Islamic warriors Military History Magazine, April 2002).

The general said the terrorists hate us because we are Americans. That seems to be a rather superficial reason. It’s got to be deeper than that. They also seem to have issues with the British, the Spanish, the Israelis, and even other Muslims. It’s got to be something we did (or are still doing) that has them all pissed off. Maybe they have this tendency to hold a grudge a little too long. Unfortunately, it’s really difficult to hold a meaningful dialog with fanatics, no matter what their belief structure is. It seems to be one of those “You know what you did so I’m not going to tell you” situations.

So why do they hate me just because I’m an American? I don’t hate them just because they are Muslims. As for the ones who want to kill me or advocate killing me, I think I have a legitimate reason to strongly dislike them even if they aren’t Muslims. I think if they got to know me, they’d find that I’m really a very nice guy and I have no interest in imposing my religion, moral values, or form of government on anyone. To tell the truth, I resent having Americans impose those very things upon me. See? We have a common bond already.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.