Naked Fear and Loathing

Queen – Another One Bites The Dust

Today’s Quote: “Finery is no less alien to virtue…., which is the strength and vigor of the soul. The good man is an athlete who enjoys competing in the nude.” — Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Discourse on the Sciences and the Arts

Here it is, October and where has the year gone? Three quarters of the year has passed by already. I can’t speak for anyone else but I have absolutely nothing to show for it; I’ve accomplished nothing and, realistically, I don’t expect to accomplish anything in the remaining months. September was filled with disappointments although I didn’t experience the disappointment I was most anticipating. Maybe it’ll happen in November.

This month presents opportunities to pursue a dream but I’m hard pressed to come up with any rational justification for following that dream. I’m finding it difficult to justify it to myself, let alone others who might have a say in it. It’s beginning to look as though another one is heading for the shelf. That shelf is getting quite crowded now.

Re: Naked Fear
Another editorial in a Texas newspaper in defense of the teacher: Editorial: A lesson in the art of pleasing parents

It seems as though the school board/administration and the one parent are the only ones who see a problem with this teacher taking her class to the art museum. I still view the incident as a politically convenient means to oust an effective teacher from the ranks of the mediocre.

Despite what school boards and politicians tell us, education is not static; it is a continuing and evolving process. In order to learn you have to push the envelope and leave your comfort zone. It’s a crime for children to grow up to be more ignorant than their parents. I feel that I’m more enlightened than my parents; I hope my kids are more enlightened than I am; and I hope my grandchildren will grow up to be more enlightened than their parents.

Let’s get the school boards and politicians out of the way and let the teachers teach. It’s time to come out of the Dark Ages.

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