Naked Fear

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Today’s Quote: “Nudism is not a spectator sport. We all have the equipment and everyone can play.” — Jim C. Cunningham

Last night I watched several episodes of Going Tribal on the Discovery Channel. In one of them, a tribe had a coming of age ritual for young men in the tribe where the young man had to make several running leaps over several cows. He had to be nude when he did it. Although the cows were held in place by other villagers, he could still easily be trampled were he to fall between them. It seems a lot more daring than cow tipping. Just the same, I don’t think I’m going to attempt any naked cow jumping anytime soon.

The other day I posted a link to an article about an art teacher who was fired after one parent complained after a student saw a nude statue in an art museum on a school approved field trip. (Presumably, this parent did sign the permission slip.) The Houston Chronicle published an editorial defending the teacher and chastising the school board for their reactionary, knee-jerk response.

Traditionally, art museums have collections of art (some of which may be nude) so if you go to an art museum you can reasonably expect to see statues and paintings of nude people. But, of course, we live in Amerika, a country that prides itself on its lack of culture and fervently denies any culture it may have actually had. We live in a land where ignorance, mediocrity, and complacency rule. And we are proud to hold these values. Yet we get upset when the rest of the world considers us uncultured.


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  1. Naked Fear
    2006-09-30 12:12 pm (local) (from
    Museum Field Trip Deemed Too Revealing (New York Times)
    Having read the New York Times article, it appears to be a case of the school board looking for an excuse to fire an effective, progressive teacher who sometimes bucks the status quo in order to educate her students. I’ve seen this happen before. Apparently, there is no place in our education system for teachers like that. The school boards want teachers to religiously stick to the approved cirriculum and teaching methods, teachers who don’t rock the boat. And we wonder why our schools are in such a sorry state and our children grow up to be more ignorant than their parents.
    It’s quite obvious that school boards and school administrators have forgotten the reason for their existence – to educate our children. They seem to think they exist to propogate their bureaucratic fiefdoms. Let the teachers teach.
    It’s about time ignorance, mediocrity, incompetence, and complacency became the rare exception rather than the general rule.


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