Rejection Trumps Hope Every Time

The Guess Who – No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature

Today’s Quote: “I like it here. When I go to the other swimming pools they all look at my legs. When I come here they look at me.” — 12 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy concerning a naturist swim

Army wants to know if Ky. Guard women posed nude
I think the Army has bigger problems to be concerned with but I’m sure they will, in proper military fashion, turn a trivial molehill into a significant mountain. The Army, in their infinite wisdom, will prosecute to the fullest extent possible, although the charges won’t even contain the word “nude”. They’ll be brought up on vague, general charges such as failure to obey a regulation, improper wearing of the uniform, and conduct unbecoming. There’s a good chance that the fact they posed nude for a photograph will never be mentioned. Military justice works in mysterious ways and, on rare occasions, has been known to work although I doubt it will in this case.

If I’m not depressed already today, I’m sure I will be by this evening. Today is two thirds of a triple payday with part three coming on Monday. Of course, Monday’s check has already been spent or will be before the weekend is out. Additionally, an odd-numbered month is quickly drawing to a close. In some ways that’s a relief yet, at the same time, a disappointment. It’s a no-win situation.

Nothing to rant about this morning although that will probably change on my morning commute. Later.

Kahuna Papa edit:
I hereby designate today as “Freeballin’ Friday.” Everyone, men and women alike, are encouraged to participate. You can think of it as Casual Friday taken to another level.


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