Victims of Repression

The Beatles – I Am The Walrus

Today’s Quote: “We’re the only species on the planet that can’t walk around the way we were created,” — John Moyer, participant in Tampa’s first “almost” naked bike ride.

Art teacher fired after student saw nude sculpture during trip
One ignorant parent complains …. Sheesh, get a life. American culture is the lack of culture. No wonder the rest of the world finds us boorish. Why doesn’t someone fire this parent instead? I doubt the Puritans were as repressed and prudish as today’s society.

Google Earth sees naked people & Satellite snaps topless sunbathers
Don’t people have anything better to do than pore over Google Earth looking for naked people? According to the news articles, the images are probably not actually people, unless they’re giants. It’s doubtful that the resolution on the satellites providing Google’s images is that good. But if some satellite happens to catch me sunbathing nude, so what? I don’t have anything to hide.

Wife sees red over husband’s nudism
I feel his pain. At least he got to go once. The IVOR and I had a discussion on a similar topic just yesterday. He raised some very good points. I don’t want to put the dream on the shelf but it will, in all likelihood, come to that.

When you go through the drive-thru at the West Carrollton McDonalds, the default beverage is a Coke. Keep that in mind because you may not be asked like in other fast food establishments. Is it time to take the West Carrollton Wendys off secret double probation? Have they sincerely repented for their sins and learned their lesson? No, they need more time to think about the error of their ways.


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