Intuitively Oblivious To The Most Casual Observer

Janis Joplin – My Baby

Today’s Quote: “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” — Unknown (tag line in a nudist forum)

Do you really think so? Heavy Rains Dump A Lot Of Water. Like, “duh?” I saw that this morning on WHIO TV‘s weather page. Maybe it’s not as obvious as one might think. What’s obvious to me is often oblivious to everyone else. Ever notice how those two words are very similar to one another? Oh, never mind.

The only reason I know anything about local news is because it’s packaged in between the traffic and weather reports in the morning. There was a shooting in Dayton last night (nothing new there). They interviewed someone who lived in the apartments and the guy said he heard gunshots. The reporter then asked him if the gunshots were loud. “No, the shooters were considerate enough to use silencers so as not to wake us. I always go out for a walk in my underwear at 3 in the morning. Here’s your sign.” Why do television news people (both local and national) always ask the dumbest questions and interview the dumbest people? They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question but if it’s being asked by a TV news anchor/reporter, well…

It’s no wonder I get my television news from Comedy Central.

There’s one thing about road construction that you can always depend on. The orange barrels, traffic cones, and flaggers will be out there closing off one or more lanes during the morning rush hour. “Just doing what we can to inconvenience as many people as possible, Ma’am.”

The Good Wife’s Guide
Longing for the good old days with Ozzie & Harriet, Ward & June, Ricky & Lucy, Darrin (either one) & Samantha… Ah, those were the days and certain conservative and fundamentalist groups would like to go back even if their memories are flawed.

Pat Paulsen in ’08!


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