A Week Of Tuesdays

Stone Temple Pilots – Church on Tuesday

Today’s Quote: “There are days when I doubt my insanity but today isn’t one of them.” — Rick Romig

The other day I saw a commercial that opened with a scene of sperm swimming under a microscope. It was a commercial for E-Trade. Can you believe that? I find that just a little bit disturbing. I guess sex sells, literally.

Weapons of Mass Hypocrisy
By Staff, Utne magazine, July/August 2003 Issue
While U.S. military personnel searched for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, an international team of weapons inspectors began touring the United States to draw attention to America’s stockpile of WMDs. As Adbusters (March/April 2003) reports, the Rooting Out Evil coalition (www.rootingoutevil.org) says the U.S. satisfies all of President Bush’s criteria for a dangerous state: It has a stockpile of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons; it has refused to sign and honor international treaties; it has ignored United Nations directives; and its leader was not elected by popular vote. The campaign hopes to highlight the hypocrisy of the Bush administration by confronting U.S. weapons manufacturers in the months ahead.

I found a floor in my room today. I’d heard a rumor that one existed but it was unconfirmed until now. Now I have one less excuse to not work out. Now to eliminate the other excuses I use to avoid getting my naked ass all sweaty.


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