Nearly a week of Tuesdays

David Bowie – Love You Till Tuesday

Today’s Quote: “So, if I am asked which is more dangerous, naked women or the Bali bombs, then my reply is of course those women.” — Abu Bakar Bashir, alleged terrorism leader, referring the 2002 Bali nightclub bombings that killed 202 people (That’s some messed up thinking.)

Only 12 days until the new season of Drawn Together begins. Why hasn’t the second season been released on DVD yet? I want to see it uncensored. Dammit! I’m an American and I have the right to be offensive offended! I’m not one of those people who ask to see titties and then get all uptight and upset when they magically appear. I really don’t have a problem with titties; their power over me is negligible. However, under certain circumstances, hooters can make me happy.fairy_bounce15

I guess it’s not too early to submit my Christmas wish list. And since Santa reads everyone’s blogs, I’ll post it here. This year for Christmas, I would like:

  1. a new wallet – Not that I have any money but I need something to carry my identification.
  2. CSE HTML Validator – I’m using the Lite version and it works pretty good but it doesn’t check CSS. The standard version ($69) will fill my needs although I wouldn’t complain about the Pro version ($129).
  3. The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding© ($29) – Uses MySQL and PHP to generate dynamic pages from my genealogy database.
  4. A day trip to a nudist resort – It would be nice to spend a day as God intended, naked and unashamed.
  5. Socks and underwear are always appreciated – for those times when I have to wear clothes.

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