Almost Heaven, this Nirvana

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Today’s Quote: “I needed help, and I didn’t know how to ask for help. And I guess, in my crazy way, that was my way of asking for help. Help with my drug problems, help with my sanity.” — Jon Houston Eipp explains why he stole PCs from the courtroom where he was on trial for stealing PCs .

Last night, The History Channel had an interesting program about Heaven. They present several different views including Judeo-Christian views throughout history, ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman concepts, as well as the Islamic and Buddhist viewpoints. They even had commentary from a girl who, reportedly, has been there. She had gone into a diabetic coma for three days and she wasn’t expected to survive the first night. When she awake on the third day, she gave a detailed description. (Whoa! Where have I heard that before?)

I think the Buddhists have an interesting concept. They have about 30 different levels of Heaven and Hell. Each is temporary and depending on your karma, you spend varying amounts of time there. To the Buddhists, Heaven and Hell are temporary states along the path to Nirvana.

The was some discussion by a Muslim (I guess he was some sort of cleric) about the 72 virgins and martyrdom. He emphasized that martyrdom is a very holy concept where one sacrifices his life in defense of the faith. He considered those who strap explosives to their bodies and kill innocent people to be suicides. I agree. To sacrifice yourself in defense of what you believe is noble but by taking your own life, you are not defending anything.

He also brought up another interesting concept. The Muslims, unlike Jews and Christians, don’t try to objectify God. To them, God is formless and infinite. To give God a form would be to limit Him. That makes sense. That God created man in His image may only mean that we are created as God “imagines” us.

There was no mention of nudity in Heaven although many of the artistic interpretations shown did display naked people. Personally, I think clothing in Heaven would be rather confining and utterly useless. Maybe Heaven is a different experience for each of us but we won’t find out until we get there. As for me, I’m not in any hurry to find out; I think I’ll hang around here for as long as I can.


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