All Quiet on the Western Front

The Moody Blues – Tuesday Afternoon

Today’s Quote:“Actually, in the light of the Bible, there is no sin in nudity itself; but if a person uses the nudity for lustful or immoral purposes he has misused it, and this constitutes a sin. The Bible does not speak against nudity nor does it teach that the body is shameful. There is reference to shame in nudity, but this shame was produced in the mind of man, not by divine ordination.” — the Rev. Martin Wadestone, Nudism and Christianity (from Nudity in Ancient to Modern Cultures by Aileen Goodson)

While Nixon Campaigned, the F.B.I. Watched John Lennon By Adam Cohen
“The U.S. vs. John Lennon” is the story not only of one man being harassed, but of a democracy being undermined by those sworn to uphold it.

Today is officially the last day of summer. Soon the leaves will turn color and litter my yard. The lawn mower will soon be put away, replaced by the leaf blower and the rake. It won’t be long until the streets are lined with piles of leaves, awaiting the city’s leaf sucking truck. Ah, yes, it will be beautiful. In a couple of months, the trees will be nude. I am so looking forward to it. Yeah, sure.


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