Monday sucks!

Cat Stevens – Tuesday’s Dead

Today’s Quote: “Free society should not foster fear, it should be fearless.” — Nudiarist

Christi Womack in the Herald Tribune recounts a day 22 years ago when she encountered some skinny-dippers at a Florida swimming hole near the Rye Road Bridge. She says, “To this day, I think about the naked people every time I cross that bridge.” Personally, I think that her sharp memory is kindled by her own personal longing to be naked in that swimming hole, too. Nudism is within us all, it’s just been repressed. (Diary of a Nudist)

Why isn’t pubic hair the same colour as hair on your head? I just know you dyeing to find out.

A Cornered Pit Bull: Bounty Hunter Becomes Prey
It seems the Mexican government had a problem with Dog bounty hunting there af few years ago.

Your Fortune Is:
Better to be pissed off than pissed on.
(That depends on what you’re into…)


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