What About The Rest Of Us?

I was up late last night watching television. I expect to see the E.D. ads on the channels offering pedestrian fare but I didn’t expect to see so many on The History Channel. At least I didn’t see the 1-900 phone sex ads but I’m sure those are on the way.

It’s becoming routine to see the ads for Viagra, Cialis, and all the other E.D. treatments even in prime time. I have a hard time relating to them since I’ve never experienced the problem, especially to the point where I would need treatment. Which brings me to my question. What about those of us who are at the other end of the spectrum? Who is looking out for men who can achieve erections but can’t find relief? I suppose that’s what the 1-900 ads and the swingers hotlines are for but some of us don’t want to follow those paths or deal with the problems they can cause. Hookers are out too.

I put it to the medical community at large and the advertisers. What have you got to offer to males who are in monogamous relationships, heterosexual, healthy enough to have sex, and can achieve fully functional erections? Is there some legitimate product, some kind of love potion #9, out there for us (or our spouses)?

What’s the point in having an erection if no one appreciates it?


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.