Give him 10 backslashes with an Ethernet cable

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Today’s Quote: “Beauty when most unclothed is clothed best.” — Phineas Fletcher, English Poet

I thought I was losing my mind. The software page on my genealogy site didn’t display correctly with Firefox. The background and two images didn’t display at all. It looked fine in IE and in Firefox when I opened the page from my hard drive. It had displayed properly when it sat on my hosted site. It didn’t matter what computer I used; it just wasn’t right in Firefox.

Today while I had it open in the browser, I took a close look at my source code and it jumped out at me like a freakin’ jack-in-the-box, hitting me square in the face. The image tags that didn’t work contained backslashes in the path. D’oh! The page used to be on my hosted site which resides on a Windows server. It now resides on a Linux box in my house and as everyone knows, Linux uses forward slashes in the path.

As my junior high algebra teacher always used to say, “I see said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw.” I fixed the tags and now all is well with the world. Well, my part of the world, make that a small part of my part of the world.


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